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In good times and bad, business practice challenges can overwhelm designers.
Recognizing the real barriers to business success can easily be overlooked.

Are you faced with starting your own interior design business?
Are you confused about how to more effectively organize your business?
Is your business not progressing to meet financial and business goals?

Whether you need an occasional discussion about a business issue or an in-depth consulting meeting, Christine is your source for guidance, information—and solutions.

A variety of services are available to meet your specific needs. Focusing on planning and problem solving, Christine has helped other interior designers with:

  • General business issues
  • New business start-up
  • Annual planning
  • Business communications copywriting
  • Marketing strategies

Why not let an accomplished interior designer, author, and educator on interior design business practices provide information to help you improve your business practices?

Your unique needs and situations dictate the consulting or coaching engagement. Services can be provided by:

  • Telephone coaching on an as needed basis.
  • On-site consultation involving the assessment and evaluation of your specific business challenge.

Why not contact Christine today at to discuss your unique business needs?

Helping Interior Designers Maximize Business Performance

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